Clarity in your relationship

Dorothee von Stösser - Online Counseling

➣ Individually or as a couple

Hello, nice to have you here.

Maybe you're in a relationship crisis right now and don't know what to do?

You, or both of you as a couple, have been thinking a lot and are going round in circles?

This can be quite exhausting and it helps to have someone impartial at your side.

My focus areas

Clarity and decision-making

You don't know where you currently stand in your relationship and feel alone with your doubts. You're experiencing lots of wonderful moments with your partner, that you want to keep and yet you're also seeing lots of warning signs and red flags. What does that mean?


You have the feeling that you are not being seen or heard in your relationship, and less, that your partner understands you. You are constantly worrying and pondering how you could explain something better to him/her.


A major change occurred in your life or it is urgently needed. For example, a separation, loss or infidelity. You feel like you are at a dead end, without hope or full of doubts because you don't know where to start.

Culture shock and binational challenges

There are language barriers and cultural differences because you come from different countries. You are afraid of getting lost in this country or relationship and no longer feel able to participate and shape it. The intercultural experience overwhelms you.

About me

Hey, I´m Dorothee,

Originally, I´m from Germany, but have been living in Ecuador for over 15 years now. I came here for a voluntary service in 2008/2009 and staid to study psychology. Later I have worked as a clinical psychologist in various public and private institutions in the country. My focus was always on relationships, communication, family dynamics and how we overcome life's challenges together. No one is an island; we are always connected in some way and that is very exciting to me.

What you can find here …

Couples counseling

Couples counseling online has the advantage that you don't have to be in the same place at the same time, but can connect from different locations.

Individual Counseling

We arrange a weekly Zoom meeting and work on your personal concerns. 

Single session

Do you want to talk about a very specific topic, but don't necessarily want to go through a counseling process over several sessions? Then a single session can be a Good alternative.

Dialog can take place as long as we try to remain curious.
The assumption that I already know and understand something exactly closes doors to new possibilities.
If, on the other hand, I remain curious and want to understand better, then I open up and we talk about something new that we haven't imagined before.

My main methods

Counseling based on the principle of narrative therapy and collaborative practices

Learn more about these ways of conducting dialogue in online counseling here.

Mindfulness and self-compassion

Learning to be a good friend to yourself. What is that about and why is it important?

Systemic coaching

Know your situation from a systemic perspective. What does that mean? Here I tell you a Little more.

Crisis intervention and psychological first aid

Targeted support in moments of change and coping with strokes of fate.

What former clients say about me:

Frequently asked questions

A session usually lasts 50 minutes. The duration of the counseling process depends on your individual situation. I accompany most of my clients through 12 to 20 sessions. Some stay longer, while others only need a few appointments.

We usually start with one appointment per week, and over time the intervals between sessions increase. We can then meet every two weeks or even just once a month - we make this decisión together.

In addition to the counseling process, I also offer single sessions. I plan 80 minutes for these, but it can also take a little longer or we can finish earlier. In the single session format, you asume that a single appointment is sufficient to discuss a specific topic.

Our conversations are completely confidential and I undertake to comply with the current EU data protection directives. Before we start the consultation, you will receive a contract from me regarding confidentiality and other obligations.

I use Zoom for the online appointments as Zoom guarantees end-to-end encryption so that everything discussed in our sessions stays between us.

Initial consultation (Free Call) 15 minutes free of charge
Session 1:1 coaching process 50 minutes 65 $ ( US-Dollar)
Couples counseling session 50 minutes 75 $ (US-Dollar)
Single session 80 minutes 85 $ (US-Dollar)

As this is a counseling service, there is no treatment of illness. I do not diagnose and work exclusively with individuals seeking counseling for improvement, prevention or change, also known as coaching. These support processes are not usually reimbursed by health insurance.

If the appointment is canceled within 12 hours of the start time, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged. If the appointment is canceled within less than 12 hours, the full session fee will be charged. To maintain an appointment booked, it is necessary to pay at least 48 hours in advance.

Appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before they start via the online appointment booking.