Dear readers,

Welcome to my blog. Here I share content on the topics I encounter most in my daily practice. My work approach as well as my texts consist in sharing experiences and ideas so that exchange can take place. You are welcome to take away what seems valuable and useful and question what raises doubts.

I would like to point out that I do not use gender-neutral language in my blog texts. Even if I use it in other texts on my site.
It is generally very important to me to consider all readers equally. But when writing and reading the texts, (*) and (/) can often be irritating and here and there I oversee it.

Thank you for your understanding and your openness when reading my posts.

Yours sincerely,




My latest articles

Wenn wir immernoch was von dem Anderen erwarten

How important is it to forgive?

Verzeihen wird oft mit Heilung und innerem Frieden assoziiert Ich höre oft in meiner Beratung, wie Klienten damit ringen, jemandem zu verzeihen. Es wurde ihnen irgendwo nahegelegt, um mit einer

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Eifersucht kann erdrückend sein.

What I learned about jealousy in my counseling

Jealousy - a feeling we all know but are reluctant to admit This emotional state can put relationships to a test and, depending on how it is acted out, can also become very toxic. At the same time, jealousy is a human emotion that should not be condemned, but understood and dealt with.

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Ein Paar möchte an seiner Kommunikation arbeiten

Disrespectful out of habit...

how unconscious defense mechanisms affect our communication In our daily communication, especially in partnerships, it can quickly happen that we behave disrespectfully without wanting to or realizing it.

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