About me

Hey, I´m Dorothee,

Originally, I´m from Germany, but have been living in Ecuador for over 15 years now. I came here for a voluntary service in 2008/2009 and staid to study psychology. Later I have worked as a clinical psychologist in various public and private institutions in the country.

My focus was always on relationships, communication, family dynamics and how we overcome life's challenges together. No one is an island; we are always connected in some way and that is very exciting to me.

Over the years abroad, I myself have of course also been very influenced by intercultural experiences. I became a little mixed up and would say at this point I take the structural and analytical thinking from my country of origin. In my country of choice, I have learned to be more calm, receiving and attentive. I love the process of reconciling differences, learning from them and exchanging ideas.

In addition to open exchange and good conversations, I like to explore nature - in Ecuador you can do this particularly well in the rainforest and on hikes through the Andes region - I enjoy yoga, sport climbing and love good coffee.

Why online?

Somehow, I was never a psychologist with a "normal" practice. Before online counseling, I worked in educational institutions and NGOs. Always as part of a team. We often made home visits, because many of the families we worked with were unable or sometimes unwilling to come to us due to their working and general living conditions. We were able to build trust by visiting them in their houses and drinking coffee together while stroking the cats. This taught me that counseling processes can take place in very different ways.

I opted for online counseling in 2020 during the pandemic, as it was a good alternative for me to continue my job and be closer to my son at the same time. At the time, I had already had experience of working online myself, both as a therapist and in my own supervision and therapy sessions, which had all taken place online since COVID, and I was amazed at how well it worked.

Over time I found that by working online I also had more access to other expats and more people came to me who were looking for a counselor with a similar background. For example, international students, binational couples or families who had emigrated.

Why Dialogar y Construir?

Dialogar = dialogue, y = and, construir = to construct.

The concept of dialogue that constructs summarizes my working approach in two words. It sounds better in Spanish, is easy to translate and the Spanish language has helped me to construct a lot professionally over the last 15 years.

So, Dialogar y Construir means: dialog and language construct us. As social beings, we are in constant exchange with others and these nurtures our own believe system. Our ideas come from dialog, or rather, this is how they are co-constructed. All ideas: who am I, what do I like, what am I good at, how does the world work. All of our beliefs and convictions have been and are influenced every day anew by linguistic exchange with others.

A new conversation can reshape or move us if we allow it to.

A lot of my work in counselling is about recognizing what stories we constantly tell us. About ourselves, our environment or our relationship. This is an exciting process and you realize how strongly this influences your feelings and actions with others.

My Vision

More people who are happy in their relationship because they are allowed to be themselves, because there can be exchange and there is mutual interest and curiosity as well as a willingness to shape the relationship together.